The Cyrano Project ~ Auditions

The Cyrano Project

A series of three workshops that aim to introduce and develop actors to red nose clown, that will form the basis of the Shakes production of Cyrano  in the Autumn of 2019.

The workshops will also be used to adapt some sections of the play and will form the basis for the selection of the cast for this production. The workshops will introduce a range of techniques to the actors in improvisation and clown work.

The actor audience for these workshops inthe “Shakes”, is those interested in exploring and eveloping clown work and adding it to their skills as actors by applying both acting and clown skills in performing in Cyrano.

The workshops will take place in the Teachers’ Club on:

Saturday April 27th from 12pm

Saturday May 25th from 12pm    and

Saturday June 15th from 12pm

If you are interested in joing in please contact George Carroll at

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