Strongbow ~ Auditions

Auditions will be held soon for our November Reading Strongbow”.

This is a rehearsed reading of an original film script written by Brian Murray andset during the Norman invasion of Ireland.

Auditions between 6pm and 9pm in Teachers Club on Wednesday 16th October.

Performance on Saturday 23rd November.

There’ll be maximum 4 rehearsals.

If you’re interested but can’t make the audition, just email Brian amd he’ll work something out.


De Clare, Richard, Earl of Pembroke and Strigul, surnamed Strongbow, was born about 1130. He succeeded his father in his title and estates in 1149.
The extensive ruins of his castle at Chepstowe would alone attest his possessions and influence; but having wasted his substance by extravagance, and being out of favour with, he eagerly seized the first opportunity that offered of retrieving his broken fortunes.
This came in King Henry’s licence to Dermot MacMurrough, permitting him to seek assistance in England to establish his claim to the throne of Leinster.
MacMurrough offered Strongbow extensive territories in Ireland, and the hand of his daughter Eva, if he would enter into his plans.
The intrepid Earl threw himself heart and soul into the enterprise, and in May 1169 sent forward an expedition……

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