Auditions ~ Nannie’s Night Out

A comedy in one act.

DSS Nannie's Night Out

It is just 2 years after the establishment of the Free State. Nannie, out of jail, intends to have a good night on the streets of her impoverished, north inner city Dublin. Meanwhile various people are surreptitiously seeking a free place to live. Others are hoping to cadge some money or even chance a bit of thieving/shop lifting. But, as always with O’Casey, there is more to it all than meets the eye.

This play was presented at the Abbey in 1924. It bears much relationship to The Shadow of a Gunman and Juno and the Paycock, both of which went before it. In addition it has elements of The Plough and the Stars, which was presented in 1926. It has been described by Prof Robert Hogan as an “unrecognised masterpiece”. Amongst the last of his writings, as O’Casey was coming into conflict with the Abbey, it also has some marks of his later Expressionist works.

Cast: 4-5 Females. 6 Males – depending on the interest, the ages of the cast can be adjusted to suit.

Auditions Mon 2 Dec at 7.30pm in the Teachers club for performance Sat Jan 18th.

If you can’t attend contact eilish.kelly(at)
4 – 5 rehearsals are envisaged.


Mrs Polly Pender An older woman, widow, proprietress of a small shop
Johnny Her lodger, similar age
Jimmy Her customer, similar age
Joe Another customer, similar age
Nannie A “spunker” (meths drinker) 30 – 40, fond of singing and dancing
Robert Nannie’s young son (could be daughter)
Street ballad singer & his wife From the country, between 35 – 50 years of age
Young man  
Young girl  
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