Auditions for “Last Night @ the Catacombs”

JP Donleavy, left,director Philip Wiseman, centre, with Brendan Behan in Dublin in 1959.
JP Donleavy, left, Philip Wiseman, centre, with Brendan Behan in Dublin in 1959.
Dublin Shakespeare Society will be holding auditions @ 
36 Parnell Sq West

on the following dates
Tuesday 14th May 20.00 to 22.00
Thursday 16th May 20.00 to 22.00
Thursday 23rd May 20.00 to 22.00
Sunday 26th May 20.00 to 22.00

for our Autumn  production titled

Last Night @ The Catacombs

About the Catacombs

‘If anything could happen, it could happen in the Catacombs, anything at all…’
(J.P. Dunleavy)

The Catacombs was located in the underground basement of a Georgian House @ Number 13 Fitzwilliam Place. A popular after-hours meeting place in the mid to late 1940’s Dublin.

The nocturnal happenings of the Catacombs took place at a time when Dublin was an ultra-conservative, impoverished city, though it had a thriving artistic life. The impresario of this menage, was an Englishman, Richard Wyman (Dickie), a dandy, eccentric and fond of the bizarre.

Following the death of his officer boyfriend during World War 2, who he referred to as ‘the Faithful Heart’, broken-hearted he moved to Dublin.
It was frequented by the new Bohemians of the day, young, poor, mostly students.

Aspiring, up and coming writers and poets included Brendan Behan, J.P. Dunleavy, Anthony Cronin, John Jordan, & Pearse Hutchinson; actors such as Dan O’Herlihy, Godfrey Quigley and Carolyn Swift; sculptor Irene Broe; others included Gainor Steven Crist, John Ryan, Joan Furlong, & Des Mac Namara; the physicist Erwin Schrodinger along with some aristocracy, republicans, and revolutionaries. And Patrick Kavanagh.

They would come from McDaids and party till the early hours. Songs, fights, romance, where ‘men had women, men had men and women had women’ (Brendan Behan).

Our Production
Our production,‘Last Night @ the Catacombs’ is inspired by the real-life Catacombs. We will immerse ourselves in the experience. Our story starts and ends with Dickie who recalls the fervour of those years, his safe haven and its ultimate demise. It will take place throughout the entire basement T@ 36. This is a project in development with a creative team of Director(s), Writers, Design and other creatives.

The auditions will be held as workshops. This production is in collaboration with the creative team and the actors that will be involved. Material will be selected and used for improvisation at the auditions. Come with a sense of adventure and play.

Up to 20 Cast. Male & Female. Various ages.

Actual Performance Dates
14th to 19th October 2024

To confirm attendance at workshop auditions or for further information, please contact
Valerie Greene @
Mob: 086 8837138

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