THE DRAC PROJECT – June Auditions

Dracula Workshop Dublin Shakespeare Society

Teachers Club: Tuesday 14th June & Friday 17th June 8.00pm

This is a work in progress – the disinterring  of Dracula – adaptation based on the iconic novel by Bram Stoker. To date three workshops have been held with participants committed to performance.

Script and Performance is developed in collaboration.

Performance planned to be in Teachers Club upstairs rooms 21st and 22nd October and a Dublin derelict venue shortly after.
Prepare for digging deep, creating and having fun!
Please contact Valerie Greene on vamgreene(at) or 086-8837138 if you would like to attend auditions
Also, seeking multi-media, production and designers.
Director – Val Greene

Creators – Val Greene in collaboration with directors, actors and writers.

Producer – Mary Conlon

Cast of Characters – drawn largely from the well known story of Dracula. This is not a definitive list and there may be additions or deletions as the collaboration develops.

Title                                            Description & Age Range
The Undead

Count Dracula                         Vampire

3 Female Vampires                 Mysterious vampires of Castle Dracula (20’s)

Renfield (1)                             Acolyte & accomplice of Dracula       (40-50)

Lucy Westerna                        Well off young lady, close friend of Mina     (20-30’s)
Band of Pursuers – 7 gone mad

Mina Harker              Schoolteacher, wife of Jonathan (20-30’s)

Mrs Westerna                          Mother of Lucy                       (50’s)

Jonathan Harker                      Solicitor, husband of Mina     (20 -30’s)

Prof Abraham Van Helsing    Medical doctor & expert in the occult

Dr Jack Seward                       Asylum doctor/director, suitor of Lucy’s

Arthur Holmwood/Lord Godalming       Aristocrat, finance of Lucy’s, friend of Quincey & Jack

The fiancee of Lucy Westenra   (20-30’s)

Quincey P Morris                    Texan, Alpha-male Adventurer, suitor of Lucy (20-30’s)
The Underworld                      Male or Female, age not relevant, multi-parts

Renfield Troupe

Mute Servants

Superstitious Villagers

Captain of the Demeter Ship

The Fiddler

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