Capulets and Montagues

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Capulets and Montagues Allan Wolf Design
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Paul Maher will be directing his own translation of ‘The Capulet’s and Montague’s or Romeo and Juliet: The Comedy’ (Working Title) in Spring 2018.

Auditions to be held in January 2018, actual dates will be confirmed shortly.

Up to 22 roles and actors of all ages are required.

The production will contain live music, so musicians and singers will also be required.

The play was written around 1603 by Spain’s foremost playwright Lope de Vega, a contemporary of Shakespeare.  While both playwrights, writing at the same time used the same sources for their plays, there is no evidence that either was aware of the other’s work.  There are many similarities in the plots and, of course, significant differences, not least of which is the fact that one is a tragedy and the other is a comedy.

Please contact Paul if you are interested in being involved ~ paulmaher9833(at)  Copies of script can also be obtained from Paul.

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