2007: The Centenary Year

Of course, a highlight of the decade is the centenary of the Society's foundation, which occurred in 2007. Naturally, many of those who made notable contributions over the century have passed on to their eternal reward, which no doubt includes a more intimate acquaintance with the Great Bard than was possible in this world.

Happily, some of the senior members of the Society who were active members in 1982, when the Society celebrated its 75th Anniversary, remained active in the Society's centenary year.

The doyen among them, John Flood, made his debut with the Shakes in 1977. Since then he has trodden the boards in at least 40 productions of the Society and contributed his various musical talents to many of these. John is credited in at least 54 of production programmes in the areas of set design, set building, costume design and supply, sound and lighting, and other support capacities. He also directed the Society's production of O'Casey's "The Hall of Healing" in 1985.

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