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Finding Violet

The Teachers' Club 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin

The Irish aristocrat Violet Gibson, 5-foot-1 with long greying hair, at fifty was an unlikely assassin. On April 7, 1926 she shot Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. She was the only would be assassin to actually hit the great man, grazing his nose with her bullet. Nobody knows if Gibson acted alone. Her ultimate fate is hauntingly sad. Together the director, writers and actors will explore the character of Violet through a synergetic process culminating in performance presenting Violet through the different stages of her life. The Debutante. The Assassin. The Madwoman. Underscored by a soundtrack which unveils her state of mind.


New York Songs

The Teachers' Club 36 Parnell Square West, Dublin

A musical celebration of
New York City
Its diversity, people and places, old and new,
Its beauty and its dark side.