Auditions for Capulets and Montagues

Capulets y Montague

Auditions for

The Capulets and Montagues or Romeo and Juliet: the Comedy by Lope de Vega

in a new translation by Paul Maher

will be held at the Teachers’  Club

7.30 Monday 8 January


7.30 Wednesday 10 January 2018

Call  backs on Monday 15 January.

The play will be directed by Paul and up to 22 actors and musicians/singers of all acting ages are required.

As the play is largely composed of dialogue, auditions will take the form of readings of short sections involving two or more people.  Your are advised therefore to read the play before attending for audition.

Copies are available from Eileen Sheridan  at

The play will be performed in the hall of the Teachers’ Club for one week from Monday 16 April 2018.

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