Auditions with TILDA

The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing (TILDA) has been writing up scripts, with Windmill Lane, of short videos about social connectedness and social isolation. They require the following actors:

Woman: 30-40
Woman: 60-70 (2)
Woman: 70-80+ (2)

Man: 50-60 (2)
Man: 70+ (2)
Man: 80+

They would need you to go to Trinity College on the 24th of November between 12.30pm – 4.30pm (TILDA Boardroom) for a screen test (or to Skype if you cannot travel). You can pick the time that works for you – about 15 minutes is needed with the director. If selected, filming would be on the 28th of November at The Helix at Dublin City University.

TILDA can offer the selected actors a €100 honorarium for your participation on the production day and you will be expected to sign a release. They will stagger times during production to minimize waiting around for the actors and they will offer catering and a comfortable waiting room. If necessary given the production schedule, they will also provide accommodation for one-night if actors are travelling long distances or filming early/late in the day.

If you are interested contact Sarah Bowman, Director of Public Engagement at The Irish Longitudinal Study on Ageing at 085 129 1098. She will need to confirm your interest this week and schedule you for the screen test on the 24th of November in person or via Skype. Please note, there is no reimbursement for taking part in the screen test.

Please find below some text below about the project.

About the Project

Trinity College was awarded a grant by the Health Research Board to create 2 bite-sized videos on the mental health of older adults (about 3 minutes each). We are working with Windmill Lane Studios, Learnovate Centre and Age Friendly Ireland on the project. We are focusing in on loneliness, social isolation and steps the individual can take to connect.

The first video presents research on loneliness, social isolation, depression and anxiety in older adults (50+) and discusses main reasons for feelings of loneliness (e.g when should I be concerned). The second is aimed at what can be done – interventions – before things get too far (e.g. steps we can take to support one another, maintain our networks, and stay involved).

We need 10-12 actors to assist in telling the stories from a range of scenarios which were informed through public engagement. These actors may play the role of someone feeling lonely/depressed/anxious or they may play the role of someone who recognised the challenges and is taking action to combat loneliness and social isolation. The set will be quite sparse and we are looking for interesting faces and accents. It would be great to have a mix of Irish accents (by region) or foreign accents, if possible. See the age profiles above.

Based on the screen test, selected actors will take part in the filming on the 28th of November at The Helix at Dublin City University. We will provide the time of arrival and information about the characters and scenarios after the screen test. These videos will be widely disseminated to NGO partners, healthcare providers, government, educational institutions and others.

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